Assembly on highest level.


High-quality component assemblies must still satisfy two core demands: smart, optimized layout and perfectly matched components. Over and above that, we have an overarching claim of combining stability and long service life with efficiency and innovative ideas.  

Every successful production is in fact based on a complex interaction of many components and service elements. 

Optimally coordinated interaction

In a fast, digitally supported direct request system, committed consultation and cost-optimized first planning, optimal selection of materials, procurement at day-to-day conditions, reliable European or Near East manufacturers, intelligent logistics all the way to perfectly timed project schedules. These multiple factors demand additional high flexibility of some productions.

High-Tech with
human intuition

Where would we be without technology? Regarding assembly, we pay special attention to high precision and perfect technically coordinated processes. For resilience and long service life, machine-assembling PCB components demand precision soldering to minimise mechanical and thermal stress. Intelligent software systems and complex high-tech devices cannot do without the expert skills of an operator and human intuition for problem solving and optimisation for machine placement and soldering.

Humans have a tendency to arrogance. Yet we dare to ask, with a healthy dose of humility:  Where would technology be without us humans?

Manual perfection

It is still with us – manual assembly. For many applications, manual assembling and soldering remains a qualitative decision – sometimes also a good option from a quantitative point of view.  This certainly always demands optimally coordinated working methods. From software-supported project management, clearly structured logistics, many years of experience in production management and down to the motivated and meticulously executing team.  

With ISO quality management, manufactured in China. We are rather proud of this combination which has also ensured us an impressive number of regular customers through the years.  Reliability, commitment and optimisation of every detail of our production comprise a special service - the epitome of successful cooperation.



Our services comprise assembling of rigid and flexible PCBs, optionally with or without procurement of materials. The techniques used include THT (manually or automatic) as well as SMT and COB (Chip on Board). Over and above this, we also offer protective coating and other special services. Quality guaranteed by the Corelt Doublecheck is paramount in this respect, guaranteed through optical inspections, automatic optical inspections (AOI), functional test and in-circuit test (ICT). 

We offer assembling of

  • PC boards

  • With and without material procurement

  • THT (manual or automatic placement)

  • SMT

  • COB (Chip on Board)

  • Optical monitoring

  • Automated optical inspection (AOI)

  • Functional test and in-circuit test (ICT)

SMT / THT population

SMT assembly

Our modern SMT placement lines, equipped with machines of renowned brands, handle small and major series productions as well as the production of prototypes. Assembly performance, availability, repeatability and quality of placement and soldering meet the highest demands of our quality-aware customers. Automated optical inspection contributes to the assurance of top quality. Our flexible SMT assembly line is available for the production of very small series and prototypes.

THT assembly

Analogous to SMT assembly, current acceptance criteria for electronic assembling are also satisfied for THT assembly. 

We rely in this respect on modern machinery for the preparation of enclosure designs and for crimping, bending and cutting of terminal pins. 

The THT components in solder frames are placed directly on the PCBs, in conventional placement lines. 

The THT components are soldered in a lead-free in-line wave soldering plant, with all the process parameters subjected to strict process controls. 

Manual assembly

We guarantee high-quality manual assembly thanks to our semi-automated placement tables, which are the most economical solution especially for small series and sample production.




We also offer you the assembly of modules or complete devices as well as partial or pre-assemblies. Assembly with or without material procurement and potting in an enclosure are part of our range of services. For complete devices, we offer functional tests and endurance testing as well as final testing. Finally, we can also deliver your product packaged including your required documentation, operating instructions, etc.

  • For modules and complete devices

  • Partial or pre-assemblies

  • With and without material procurement

  • Functional and endurance tests

  • Final test

  • Packaging



Smooth quality production must obviously be backed up by logistics. Our supply warehouse allows us to offer you just-in-time delivery. To support your cost-effectiveness, we also offer Kanban delivery and component warehousing, materials administration and consignment.

  • Supply warehouse – just-in-time delivery

  • KANBAN deliveries

  • Material administration and consignment

  • Component warehousing




With us, service is paramount. We offer a “Full Service” range of performance, based on ISO quality management. Apart from full service procurement and full service production, we also advise our customers in the fields of process reliability, cost optimisation, certification and support programmes. 

  • Consulting on process reliability

  • Consulting on cost optimisation

  • Consulting on certification

  • Consulting on support programmes

Corelt Full Service


For many products, the production chain comprises complex interaction of planners, purchasing departments, suppliers, logistics departments, manufacturers and many others.

Many customers are facing the challenge of staying on top of the process, guiding communication channels and providing highly professional solution services in the face of challenging situations which may arise – often in obscure and error-prone situations.

This is where corelt Full Service, with process management optimised over the years, with a permanent network of partners selected to satisfy stringent standards and with its innovative service standards can offer full support and supervision of all our customers’ projects. Starting with the first deliberations on the demand, competent consulting on top quality or efficiency, “real-time” procurement by experienced purchasers and up to perfectly organised PCB assembling using our corelt Doublecheck tests and a logistics system promising just-in-time supply options.

Using globally successful process management, corelt handles the optimal cooperation of all role players and all perfectly coordinated partners on behalf of its customers.

Maximum convenience and unrivalled reliability of all productions are guaranteed through the intense personal commitment of our experienced staff and network of experts.

Our customers will be aware of this from their first enquiry all the way to on schedule delivery. 

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