PCB - Printed circuit board


Ideas designed performance. Long before actual production, we explore innovative ideas for and together with our customers. Creating added value through individual optimization. We consider ourselves team players, supporting our customers from product development through even the smallest production step. Durable, cost-effective and flawless products are the results of this process. 

From the selection of the proper material and procurement at current conditions up to accurate assembly. Every step of our production chain is designed to minimize the rate of error. Reliability checks are of particular interest to Corelt, using our “Corelt Doublecheck” system of multiple checks from AOI to software supported x-ray techniques and expert inspection.

PCB range


doublesided PTH
IMS - insulated metal Substrate


OSP - organic Surface Protection
HAL/ HAL Leadfree
electroless Nickel/Gold
electrolytic Nickel/Gold
electroless Silver
electroless Tin

Mechanical Treatments

depthrouting / depthdrilling


soldermask in different colours
with/without silkscreen in different colours
peelable mask

Quality criteria
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Quality assurance

The paramount principles of our company are uncompromising quality awareness and absolute customer satisfaction. These company goals are the cornerstones of our Quality Management which our staff live up to every day. Our database supports continuous improvement process ensures our future and the confidence of our customers. In this respect we offer an optional tractability system, allowing our customers to trace all their components back to the first supplier in the value-added chain.


Our Purchasing Department has excellent knowledge of the electronics sector market and its procurement activities have a global reach. This translates to enormous market transparency and optimal purchasing prices. Fair pricing structures ensure that our customers share in the success of our purchasing.


Our experienced engineers can provide you with guidelines for cost-optimized designs in the course of the development of a product to your specifications: from specification via circuit design up to series production stage. Sustainability of the products is always a primary concern. The entire life cycle is therefore taken into consideration during the development of product already. Prototypes will be built to test your product against the functional and qualitative requirements of the specifications. Test environments such as climate chambers and EMC facilities for measurements are available to us for these purposes, in the course of the development. Our documentation of your product will allow its manufacture to take place as cost-effectively as possible. We strive to arrive at your ideal solution at the end of the development process.

Full Service


For many products the production chain comprises complex interaction of planners, purchasing departments, suppliers, logistics departments, manufacturers and many others.

Many customers are facing the challenge of staying on top of the process, guiding communication channels and providing highly professional solution services in the face of challenging situations which may arise – often in obscure and error-prone situations.

This is where CORELT Full Service, with process management optimized over the years, with a permanent network of partners selected to satisfy stringent standards and with its innovative service standards can offer full support and supervision of all our customers’ projects. Starting with the first deliberations on the demand, competent consulting on top quality or efficiency, “real-time” procurement by experienced purchasers and up to perfectly organized PCB assembling using our tests and a logistics system promising just-in-time supply options.

Using globally successful process management, CORELT handles the optimal cooperation of all role players and all perfectly coordinated partners on behalf of its customers.

Maximum convenience and unrivalled reliability of all productions are guaranteed through the intense personal commitment of our experienced staff and network of experts. 

Our customers will be aware of this from their first enquiry all the way to on schedule delivery. 

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